Origin: Brooklyn,New York

Genre: Soul

Years Active: 1998 to present

Label: Oon Lah Music Entertainment Inc.

Official Websites: mrleeg.com



His name is Mr Lee G, it comes from his given name Leroy Griffith jr. His musical roots started at the age of five, singing in the church choir. He was born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago and later migrated to Brooklyn, New York. He went to Julia Richman H.S. for performing arts (Talent unlimited), where he studied Musical theater. He  plays the piano, the guitar, the bass  and he writes all his original songs. His inspiration comes from  Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Biggie Smalls to name a few.


Throughout the years Mr.Lee G has been writing and recording songs in a number of different genres, perfecting his craft. His musical genius taps into r&b, Hip Hop, afro beat and reggae music. 

In 2011 Mr.Lee G went to Mali West Africa to perform at the desert festival in Timbuktu. In 2012 he started a charity helping young people there, for more info. visit www.ttgbta..com 

In 2014 Mr.Lee G recorded and released his album “UNDENIABLE soul” and toured the U.S.A. promoting it.

In 2015 Mr.Lee G teams up with grammy  award winning super producer, Carl “Chucky” Thompson and the meeting was magical. Mr.Lee G says,” working with Chucky Thompson is like a dream come through”. In November of 2015 Mr.Lee G released his single title,”Healing Time” produced by Chucky Thompson. 

In 2016 Mr. Lee G and Chucky teamed up again and made "Sucka free" which was released later that year.

In 2017 Mr. Lee G collaborated with some more producers and finished his album titled"ME".

In 2018 He released his album "ME".

In 2019 he performed and promoted his album "ME".

In 2020 He stayed at home working on his craft, writing and producing a lot of new music. He collaborated with music producer Rick Sloboda and Philipp Walluks and made hot dance record call,"Alive" that will be released summer 2021.

In 2021 Mr. Lee G is going to drop a new Album not yet titled, but will have songs like "only you, Live my life and Alive"


His goal is to make great music..



Oon Lah Music Entertainment Inc. | oonlahmusicentinc@gmail.com



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