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Alive! The new single


Germany, USA and Canada Come ‘Alive’

During the darkest months of Covid, three artists came together from Germany, the US and Canada to create a musical spark of optimism for the globe in the form of a song called Alive.

“I thought, ‘What would happen if you brought together a young, up-and-coming German DJ and a renowned reggae artist in New York’,” explained Canadian songwriter Rick Sloboda. “The outcome far exceeded my expectations.”

Germany’s Philipp Walluks a.k.a. Revelz produced the upbeat, feel-good track, which he presented to Sloboda late last year. The two already had several collaborations in the works. “Rick and I agreed we needed to do something different with this song,” said Walluks from his studio in Germany. “We wanted to create something to help bring some happiness to people in such trying times.”

Sloboda recalled an ad hoc video chat he had with NY reggae artist Leroy Griffith Jr., who goes by Mr. Lee G. “I was having a great chat with Shelda Smith, host of Simba NYC TV Show,” said Sloboda. “And at one point she flipped the phone around and introduced me to her colleague, Mr. Lee G. He had a monster joint lit up, and we chatted music for over an hour.

“So, a few weeks later, I reached out to Leroy and explained what Philipp and I had in mind, along with some raw ideas,” explained Sloboda. “He came back with amazing vocals, which had the perfect energy and dynamics for this project. We all immediately knew we had something special.”

“This is a great connection with the three of us coming together from different parts of the world,” said Griffith. “We’re able to make magic with music, and send these good vibrations filled with life and hope to everyone. It’s what music is all about.”

The catchy, two-minute and 29-second song, which features Mr. Lee G singing and rapping, promises to cross language barriers to get people moving and smiling. The single is being released independently on June 18, 2021, and promises to be a playlist favourite. You can pre-save here:

Revelz (Philipp Walluks)

Dedicated to Electro House and Progressive House with his tropical signature sound, Philipp Walluks a.k.a. Revelz takes the stage with the likes of Sam Feldt, Lost Frequencies, Eastblock Bitches across Europe, and has multiple releases through Reload and Sony Music. Born with a malformation of one ear, he only hears music in mono, which he overcomes, inspiring others to live their dreams. As a resident DJ on Germany’s EDM radio station Leipzig Beatzz, he hosts his own weekly radio show Southbeats Radio.

Mr. Lee G (Leroy Griffith Jr.)

“Musical wonder” Mr. Lee G began his musical journey at age five singing with the S.D.A. Church in Trinidad, the island of his birth. He migrated to Brooklyn, NY in 1988 and enrolled in Julia Richman H.S for performing arts to study musical theater. He went on to accomplish a rich artistic career that includes touring with Beyoncé, playing live shows internationally, and releasing dozens of RnB, reggae and hip-hop songs with an array of artists and producers. He also produces and co-hosts the Brooklyn-based Simba NYC TV Show, which focuses on the arts.

Rick Sloboda

Rick Sloboda is a Canadian songwriter who works with artists, DJs and producers globally, including Canada, the US, England, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Albania, Australia, Peru, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria and Zambia. Working in a wide spectrum of genres and styles, he’s known for creating melodic songs that connect with people emotionally.

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